Removable Braces
For children and young people: these braces are gentle on the mouth, and can be inserted and removed by the patient themselves. By ‘training’ the soft tissues and muscles in the mouth, the braces correct the patient’s jaw alignment and bite.
Fixed Solutions
Fixed braces comprise brackets attached to the teeth, connected by a metal wire. By adjusting the wire, the forces on the teeth (and hence their movements) can be precisely controlled.
Speed System
The SPEED System is a slender, self-ligating system, which shortens treatment time and is more gentle than conventional fixed methods. It is also much smaller than conventional methods, drastically reducing lip and cheek irritation.
Lingual Orthodontics
Completely invisible from the outside, lingual orthodontics enables the brackets to be fitted to the inside of the teeth. However, this technique is only possible under certain conditions, so each case has to be individually assessed.
Functional Analysis
Jaw dysfunctions can often go unnoticed for a long time before they start to hurt. A functional analysis gives an insight into what might be required, such as occlusal splints from your dentist or treatment with fixed braces.
Your risk of tooth decay and periodontitis is greatly increased during orthodontic treatment; so, to effectively protect your oral health and ensure a lasting result, your dentist will prepare a personalised programme of preventative measures.
Give yourself a radiant smile! Your dentist’s professional bleaching system is highly effective, yet also safe and gentle. Repeated treatments can significantly whiten your teeth and even harden your enamel too.
Jaw Surgery
In cases of severely misaligned teeth and jaws, orthodontic treatment on its own isn’t enough. If this is the case, we work together with a specialist surgical practice – where necessary – to achieve the best possible outcome for you.
Permanent Retainers
Long term-stability is the job of retainers – thin, yet stiff wires, which enable precise control of tooth movements after fixed braces are removed. The advantages of permanent retainers? They’re mounted behind the teeth, and so are invisible.

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