Tips for teeth cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning

Professional help for clean teeth

Professional teeth cleaning goes far above and beyond what you can do at home. Plaque is first gently removed, and then all your teeth are polished; a smooth surface helps prevent plaque from building up. How often you should have this done varies from patient to patient, and is individually agreed with your dentist.

Another building block of a preventative programme is instruction on proper oral hygiene and individual dental care tips. Learning to clean your teeth properly is a cornerstone for keeping teeth healthy and looking good in the long term – and is especially important for children. Fluoride treatment and sealing the surfaces of the teeth are also sensible measures for preventing tooth decay and periodontitis.

The importance of preventative measures

Correcting misaligned teeth normally takes a long time. Dental hygiene is especially important during this time, as wearing braces reduces the effectiveness of brushing your teeth at home.

Brushing is particularly ineffective with fixed braces – plaque builds up between the brackets and the metal bands and can’t be got at with a toothbrush, while the risk of tooth decay and periodontitis is also increased with removable braces. The reason for this is that until the teeth are in their proper position, the bacteria that cause tooth decay can very easily spread between the misaligned teeth.

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