Orthodontics for Adults

Seldom too early – but never too late!

There’s a widely-held and very persistent belief that it’s too late for orthodontic treatment once you reach adulthood. But this isn’t the case! It is true that orthodontic treatment is usually easier in childhood, but misaligned teeth can be corrected in adults too.

Many adults come to us because they don’t like how their teeth look. But many also come because of joint problems in their jaw that require orthodontic treatment. These can manifest themselves in the form of tense facial or jaw muscles, pain when chewing, or teeth-grinding at night, right up to neck, head and back pain.

The desire for good teeth and a ‘radiant smile’ is just one aspect. From a medical (and dental) point of view, getting your mouth working properly is even more important – after all, it affects both your health and your quality of life.

Is there an age limit for orthodontic treatment?

Even in old age, treatment can be done. However, it’s essential that your periodontium –the gums and other tissues that hold your teeth – is in good health, as this crucial for both moving your teeth and firmly holding them in their new position.

The duration of the treatment is normally quite a bit longer in adults than in children, as the periodontium becomes less responsive with age and there’s no jaw or bone growth taking place that could help. Misalignments that have developed over many years can’t be corrected in a few weeks; depending on the nature of the misalignment, treatment can easily last 1 to 2 years. To prevent the teeth moving back to their old positions once the braces are removed, a longer period of follow-up care (the retention period) is usually necessary as well.

Braces in adults are more than just socially acceptable nowadays. Even celebrities, such as Tom Cruise, aren’t afraid to have their braces ‘on show’. One reason for this is undoubtedly the availability of slender, highly functional, self-ligating brackets (the Speed System), or ceramic brackets. These offer a much more aesthetically pleasing and less conspicuous alternative to conventional metal brackets.

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