Orthodontics for adults

Rarely too early - but never too late

The widespread prejudice that it is too late for orthodontic corrections in adulthood still persists. Wrongly so! While it is true that early orthodontic treatment is usually easier in childhood, misaligned teeth can also be corrected in adults.

Many adults come to our practice because they are dissatisfied with the position of their teeth for visual reasons. Very often, however, it is also temporomandibular joint problems that make orthodontic treatment necessary in adults. These manifest themselves, for example, as tense facial and chewing muscles, pain when chewing, night-time grinding and even neck, head and back pain.

The desire for beautiful teeth and a "radiant smile" is only one aspect. From a (dental) medical point of view, the optimal function of the chewing organ is even more important, as it affects your health and quality of life.

Are there age limits for orthodontic treatment?

Even at an advanced age, correction is theoretically possible. However, a healthy periodontium is a prerequisite. This is crucial for tooth movement and the desired stable retention of the teeth.

However, the duration of treatment is generally somewhat longer for adults than for adolescents, as the periodontium's responsiveness decreases with age and jaw or bone growth no longer favors treatment. Misalignments that have developed over many years cannot be corrected within weeks. Depending on the type of misalignment, treatment can take 1 to 2 years. To ensure that the teeth do not move back into their old position even after the appliances have been removed, a longer period of aftercare ("retention time") is usually required.

Today, braces for adults are more than just "socially acceptable". Even celebrities such as Tom Cruise confidently "show off" their braces. One reason for this is certainly the fact that delicate, highly functional self-ligating brackets (speed system) or ceramic brackets are now available. These are a very aesthetic, rather inconspicuous alternative to conventional metal brackets.

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