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Professional teeth cleaning - clean teeth from a professional

The widespread prejudice that it is too late for orthodontic corrections in adulthood still persists. Wrongly so! While it is true that early orthodontic treatment is usually easier in childhood, misaligned teeth can also be corrected in adults.

Professional teeth cleaning goes far beyond dental care at home. It involves gently removing plaque from all teeth and then polishing them. This is because plaque does not adhere so easily to smooth surfaces. The intervals at which professional dental cleanings should be carried out vary from patient to patient and are agreed individually. Another component of the prophylaxis program of your Family dental practice is instruction in correct oral hygiene with individual dental care tips. Proper tooth brushing training is an important cornerstone for permanently beautiful and healthy teeth - and is particularly important for children. Fluoridation and tooth surface sealing are further sensible measures to protect teeth from caries and periodontitis.

Important accompanying measure for orthodontic treatments

Orthodontic treatment to correct misaligned teeth usually takes a long time. During this time, dental care plays a special role, as wearing the orthodontic appliances impairs the effect of oral hygiene at home, and brushing your teeth alone is not enough, especially with fixed alternatives with brackets. Dental plaque builds up between the brackets and metal bands, which cannot be reached with a toothbrush. However, the risk of tooth decay and periodontitis is also generally increased with removable braces. This is because as long as the misaligned teeth have not yet been corrected, caries-causing bacteria can spread particularly strongly between the misaligned teeth.

We therefore recommend that you or your child participate in the prophylaxis program of your Family dental practice to participate.

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