Orthodontics for children

The sooner, the better...

When it comes to orthodontic corrections, the rule is usually: "The earlier, the better...". If the necessary corrections to the position of teeth are not carried out at a young age, this is only possible in adulthood with considerably more effort and higher costs. The earlier misalignments of teeth and functional disorders of the jaw are recognized and treated, the less treatment is usually required.

Even very young children with Milk teeth malocclusions can be corrected so that the teeth can develop normally. In the case of gaps in milk teeth, for example, it should be ensured that the space for the later, permanent teeth is kept free. Depending on the age of the child or adolescent and the individual dental situation, various treatment methods are available. We will explain which is the best alternative for your child in a personal consultation.

Removable braces

The loose braces in the mouth stimulate jaw growth and "train" the oral muscles and soft tissue so that the position of the teeth and bite develop positively. The braces are regularly adjusted by us over time. It is important that the agreed wearing times are strictly adhered to. Equally important are regular check-ups in the practice, careful dental care and correct handling of the braces.

All of these are important success factors for the treatment. We therefore take a lot of time to actively involve your child in the treatment with empathy and according to his or her age. In any case, we recommend that your child also participates regularly in the prophylaxis program of your dentist. Family dentist  because the teeth are particularly susceptible to caries during orthodontic treatment.

Fixed solutions

These consist of brackets that are "glued" to the teeth and connected by a wire. By adjusting the wire, the forces acting on the teeth can be precisely controlled. Instead of the conventional Metal brackets even more inconspicuous Ceramic brackets or the graceful, ultra-modern Speed system use.

With fixed braces, the accompanying prophylaxis is even more important, as dental care is severely restricted by the permanently attached brackets. Regular preventive care and professional teeth cleaning by your Family dentist are essential.

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